Maailma kylässä

I am so terrible at writing this blog, don’t know what I should write, so many things are happening constantly but now I have decided to share my experience of the  Maailma kylässä = The World Village Festival. It took place in Kaisaniemi Park and Railway Square in Helsinki. So what was this all about?

Since 1995, World Village Festival has been a free festival for the whole family. The event is open to all and a meeting place offering tastes of different cultures and surprises from all over the world.This year the festival visitors were 77000!!! The theme was development,the regional focus on this year’s programme was on Africa and the Middle East. The festival offers world views and possibilities, as well as music, circus, dance, theater, art and activities. It offers new perspectives on tolerant multiculturalism, development cooperation, global issues and expanding one’s possibilities for affecting everyday life. I was there as a volunteer for Allianssi Nuorisovaihto , my task was to inform people about our programmes and all our volunteer opportunities. I talked with so many people and many were interested, I was amazed by the glance of their eyes as they were learning that there is a way to try new things and broaden your horizons. Some actually thanked me 🙂 An opportunity was given to me to meet previous volunteers (EVS,Au Pair, Working Camps) they all had wonderful stories to share and I made some new friends.

At the festival we had the opportunity to try food from different areas of the world, Mexican, African,Turkish, Nepalese, unfortunately I didn’t see any Greek but I survived :p  I tried Turkish food cause it had some similarity with Greek one. Besides the food part many things were happening, the important(for me) one was the concerts, I really enjoyed the music of a Lebanese rock band named Mashrou’ Leila. It was such a fun weekend!!!!!!

IMG_20150524_162618                 DSC_0935

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